About Us

Improving Heart Health & Medical Outcomes

Everist Health develops and commercializes unique medical technologies aimed at the prevention of heart disease and cardiovascular disease (CVD). We’re dedicated to improving medical outcomes and reducing costs for CVD patients and providers.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, Everist Health also has large family investment offices in Denver, CO; Sioux Falls, SD; and Naples, FL. The company is closely partnered with Sanford Health, the nation’s largest rural healthcare system spanning nine states and four countries.

Two of the company’s leading technologies – the AngioDefender® device and the Vascular Age Calculator – are leading the way in identifying early stage CVD and assisting patients with heart disease prevention and overall health.

About the AngioDefender® Device

The AngioDefender® device is the world’s first non-invasive medical device that predicts a patient’s risk of developing CVD. Developed by some of the most qualified scientific researchers and engineers, the AngioDefender® technology combines patent-protected sensor technology with a sophisticated algorithm to measure endothelial function and detect symptoms of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial diseases, deep vein thrombosis, any risks of pulmonary embolism and other conditions related to endothelial dysfunction. Learn more.

About the Vascular Age Calculator

Using the score generated by the AngioDefender® device with other metrics like BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol, the Vascular Age Calculator estimates the age and health of a patient’s cardiovascular system. Because the results of this test are easily understood, providers find this to be incredibly helpful in convincing patients to make lifestyle and health changes to avoid having a stroke or heart attack.